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Director Profiles

adrian-bidwellAdrian Bidwell has worked at a senior level for over 20 years in the contract management industry and brings to the team a practical outcomes focused approach underpinned by many years experience of optimising businesses.

Having had a lifelong interest and concern for sustainability he is pleased to have the opportunity to measurably make a difference.

alex-brisbourneAlex Brisbourne is a Glacier Geophysicist at the British Antarctic Survey, helping develop a deeper understanding of climate change and the response of the ice sheets so that we can improve our ability to explain the risk of future Antarctic and Greenland ice sheet loss and its impact on sea level.

An exiled northerner, he has lived in Stamford since 2013 having spent the previous decade in Leicester. A keen cyclist and allotmenteer, Alex feels that local and community action is key to a rapid response to climate change, safeguarding the planet for future generations.

doug-wennDoug Wenn retired from being a Residential & Commercial property valuer in Yorkshire and the North West in 2012 and moved to Stamford in 2013.

His interest in environmental matters has been present since his teens but heightened somewhat in the 1970’s and, more recently in the 2000’s. His active involvement with Friends of the Earth in Leeds led to the prevention of peat removal from south east Yorkshire by the American company, Scotts. He was also part of the successful  campaign to prevent Monsanto developing GM foods in the UK.

He is dismayed at the apparent apathy shown in the UK as regards to renewable energy. Despite restrictions and reduction in FIT, he believes that solar energy has a future in Stamford.

jane-batemanJane Bateman is a graduate, training as a librarian at Manchester Polytechnic and then working in London in the not-for-profit and charity sector at a senior level for many years. She moved to Stamford in 2004 and has worked locally since then in a variety of administrative roles.

Jane has been interested in environmental issues since her college days and been actively involved in the environmental movement since 1980 mainly through Friends of the Earth (as an active member of FoE groups in Richmond & Twickenham, Stamford and Rutland) and more recently Sustainable Stamford. She is currently treasurer of the Stamford Fairtrade Town Steering Group.

john-polkinghorneJohn Polkinghorne is a fully trained mechanical engineer with an H.N.C and also a qualified teacher with a Masters in Organisation and Management, having spent some 35 years in Further and Secondary education.

On retiring to Stamford in 2000 John, together with Val Harvey, founded Stamford Transition Town in 2009. STT grew out of a U3A climate and energy study group which is still active.

John is totally dedicated to the aims of STT (now Sustainable Stamford) and is its present secretary and convener of the Food Group, having previously held the offices of chairman and treasurer.

A lifetime of interest in low energy design and construction began in 1964 with his own bungalow which incorporated eco features well ahead of their time.

tony-godwinTony Godwin is a local practicing architect with his own office, FCD Architecture, based in Rutland.

His directorship of SCE combines his interest in sustainability and energy efficient buildings with a desire to be active in improving our energy future.

He trained in Manchester and has worked abroad in Switzerland and Nigeria.

He has recently completed his own house to the super-insulated Passivhaus standard.

val-harveyAlthough Val Harvey‘s early interests were scientific, working for the ICI following her university years, she soon found teaching and the development of people a more satisfying role.  This lead through youth work to further training and her main career as a Social worker in the mental health field for Oxfordshire County Council.  Believing in the possibility of change has been a crucial part of this work.  As a feminist, she has observed and been part of the changes made by women in their lives over decades.

On moving to Stamford 10 years ago to help with the care of grandchildren, and learning of climate change and the need to keep our carbon output to a minimum, she was instrumental in starting the transition group in Stamford to work towards a more sustainable future.

Val has a confidence in the power of ordinary people to make sensible decisions and plan for society’s future when presented with the facts and arguments.  The project proposed by Stamford Community Energy will epitomise these views and so has her wholehearted support.


Michael Temple has extensive experience in the development of energy projects, having worked as Planning & Project Manager to secure the development of in excess of 100MW of Solar PV.

Michael also has detailed knowledge of grid balancing technologies and revenue streams available through battery storage and low carbon energy sources, which support the transition to a greater reliance on intermittent renewables, having secured planning consents and Capacity Market contracts for in excess of a further 100MW of projects.

A deep appreciation for our natural environment and concern over a growing population and the consequent impacts this is having on our planet are the key drivers behind Michael’s work in sustainability.



JohnFaulksJohn Faulks is a commercial lawyer who has worked on environmental projects since 1990 and in renewable energy since 2000. He was General Counsel at Solarcentury for 16 years which gives him some useful insights into how to make renewable energy projects succeed. He also spent 6 years as EU lobbyist for the RSPB and was appointed trustee of Solar Aid in 2018.